The Chase

I just moved to this city, trying to get my act together. My life had been one screw up after another (including my ex girlfriend but we won’t go there.)

I’d settled in for the most part. Got a decent job (as a bartender). Got a decent apartment (it only contained a few roaches and a spare mouse or two). I even liked the food truck that was conveniently parked right outside the steps of my apartment building. The girl who owned it was pretty.

But today, she closed right as I was about to order. My luck.

When I turned around, I noticed two suspicious people staring at me. Both wearing sunglasses.

It wasn’t sunny.

There’s only a few reasons people wear sunglasses when the sun’s going down. One, they don’t want to be recognized because they’re famous or two, they’re hiding something. Since San Myshuno isn’t known for its famous people, I was betting they were on the shady side.

I didn’t want trouble, so I decided to get the plum out of there. I didn’t exactly live in the best of neighborhoods.

As I shot toward the bay, I distinctly heard footsteps shuffling behind me. So I picked up the pace.

The shuffling behind me turned into full blown sprinting.

Man, what did these people want with me?

I thought about my ex. Did she pay assassins to take me out? Okay, sure, things didn’t work out, and we said some nasty things to each other (including her throwing a few shoes at me), but this was seriously messed up. She wouldn’t go that far. Would she?

Then I remembered hearing on the news about some gangs around here killing people for just a few simoleons.

I bet both of them had guns aimed right at my back. I was about to die! I pictured my body sprawled out in a pool of my own blood. Steam rising off my corpse in the city streets. What a way to go.

I could almost feel the bullets rifling through me as I hustled over the sidewalks and jumped a fire hydrant.

This was so stupid. If I was going to die, I might as well get it over with. So I slipped into the nearest bar.

Then I came face to face with the gunmen. “What the plum do you want with me?” I screamed.

“You dropped your wallet over there,” the guy said, with a kind grin. He handed it to me.

The lady explained, “We saw it fall out of your pocket by that food stall. Glad we caught up to you.”

God, I’m so dumb.


29 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. Heheehe. You did a great job with the darkness and ominousness for this story. Really makes the twist work. Love how his mind just spiraled into crazier and crazier ideas – but seriously – WHY did they have sunglasses on? Probably they were assassins, just not out to get him. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahaha! Now THAT was funny! He was imagining all sorts of possibilities, including his ex hiring assassins to take him out (hilarious!) when it was just something stupid all along. I bet he felt like a total idiot. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha 😂 You hooked me good and I found myself thinking oh gosh I should not still be smiling while people are trying to maim or do other nefarious things to your handsome character but I was .. the whole time! Thank you 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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